These are the 7 Hottest Zip Codes in Metro Atlanta
May 10, 2017

Last week, we took a look at how Atlanta compares to other major cities in the U.S. And now, we return to our regularly scheduled programming, focusing on trends within Metro Atlanta.

Our team used internal data to gather the hottest zip codes in Metro Atlanta, and then used third-party resources to analyze why these neighborhoods are in such high demand. How does Knock define “hot,” you ask? We rounded up the number of property sales in all of our zip codes within the last two years, and focused on the top entries.

Now, we understand that some zip codes might be more desirable given their proximity to trendy bars, museums, shops, etc. (we'll get to those in future blog posts—pinky promise), but for now, let’s focus on sales activity.

1. Cumming | 30040, 30041

2016 - Transactions: 3,324 | Median price: $299,900 | Days on market: 68

If we look solely at the number of transactions, Cumming is the most desirable area in Metro Atlanta. Both its zip codes (30040 and 30041) were among the top 10 with the most activity in 2016.

Zip code 30040—comprising the eastern section of Cumming—saw a whopping 1,884 transactions in 2016. The western section of the city, zip code 30041, saw 1,400 transactions last year. Of all those transactions, 21% were newly constructed properties, built after 2015. This tells us that people are clearly interested in the area, and developers are taking note. Last year, homes in Cumming went for a median of $299,900, but they spent an average of 68 days on market. Let's take this with a grain of salt since 21% were newly built, and those homes typically take longer to sell.

If you’re thinking of selling or buying in the area, here are some “hot” points to consider: Cumming has been dubbed the “gateway to leisure living,” which caters to the higher-end segment. There are also tons of parks and spaces that will appeal to outdoorsy types. The school system is great in this area, with schools graded 9 out of 10 on


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2. Woodstock | 30188

2016 - Transactions: 1,491 | Median price: $214,000 | Days on market: 47

Zip code 30188 in Woodstock saw 1,491 transactions in 2016. This area comprises the western section of the city. Of all the areas analyzed here, homes in Woodstock took the least amount to sell last year. They went off market in an average of 47 days, and they sold for a median of $214,000.

Want to buy or sell your home in 30188? Think about these “hot” points to make your case. This neighborhood is a shopper’s paradise with outlet shops and many boutique stores nearby. Woodstock has a series of vibrant entertainment events. And with home prices coming in under the Metro Atlanta median, it’s an affordable place to live.


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3. Alpharetta/Milton | 30004

2016 - Transactions: 1,444 | Median price: $438,884 | Days on market: 65

Alpharetta is making waves as a tech hub, so it’s not shocking that one of its neighborhoods made the list. Zip code 30004 saw 1,444 home transactions last year, and the median sale price was the highest on this list. These properties sold for $438,884 and took an average of 65 days to sell.

Hot points to consider for buyers and sellers: Technology jobs are abundant in the area, catering to jobseekers. The entertainment scene is top-notch with the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre not too far away. And, we’ve covered just how amazing Alpharetta schools are in previous blog posts.


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4. Suwanee | 30024

2016 - Transactions: 1,442 | Median price: $321,625 | Days on market: 59

Zip code 30024 in Suwanee is the second-most expensive on this week’s roundup. Last year, the median price for all 1,442 transactions came out to $321,625.

These properties took an average of 59 days to sell. We didn’t see too many transactions of newly constructed homes, so that length of time could probably be attributed to the neighborhood’s price point. Higher-end homes tend to take a bit longer to sell.

Thinking of buying or selling? Consider these hot points: Some 54% of the households in this zip codes have children, and the great schools absolutely reflect that. The city’s school grade is 9 out of 10 on Suwanee prides itself on being a progressive area, which will appeal to a large demographic of people. Residents also hold tons of local events, including farmers markets and outdoor concerts.


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5. Lawrenceville | 30043

2016 - Transactions: 1,393 | Median price: $202,500 | Days on market: 53

Right next to the neighborhood we just described above lies this one: zip code 30043 in Lawrenceville. And while these two areas are adjacent to one another, they vary in regards to days on market and pricing. Last year, the 1,393 properties that sold in Lawrenceville took an average of 53 days to sell, and they went for a median price of $202,500.

These are the hot points you should consider about 30043: In addition to the neighborhood’s affordability, buyers are probably also attracted to the Lawrenceville’s diversity. The latest Census figures report that 38% of the city is white, 32% black, 22% Hispanic (of both races) and 6% Asian. The city is also touted as “the oldest city in Georgia,” and historic buildings the reflect that are still present today.


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6. Acworth | 30101

2016 - Transactions: 1,303 | Median price: $258,963 | Days on market: 60

Zip code 30101 is one of two that make up the City of Acworth, which has been dubbed “The Lake City.” In 2016, this area of Acworth saw 1,303 home sales for a median price of $258,963. These properties sold in an average of 60 days.

Here are the hot points for 30101: Some of its greenspaces will literally make you feel like you live on the coast. Parts of Downtown Acworth adhere to open container laws, which would appeal to those who want to enjoy an adult beverage or three. And for history lovers, Downtown Acworth has a slew of historic buildings to visit.


7. Loganville | 30052

2016 - Transactions: 1,216 | Median price: $183,500 | Days on market: 69

Of all the zip codes we analyzed here, 30052 in Loganville is the most affordable and where homes took the longest to sell. The 1,216 properties that sold last year garnered a median of $183,500 and went in an average of 69 days.

This neighborhood also had a high percentage of new construction, which could have contributed to the lengthy amount of time it took properties to sell. Some 19% of homes that sold in 2016 were newly constructed.

Hot points to consider: Home prices are rising year over year, but they are still affordable; there’s tons of new construction in this neighborhood, which means there are a lot of employment opportunities; and Loganville residents pride themselves on having a strong sense of community.


How hot is your neighborhood?

One of the most interesting things to note about the hottest zip codes in Metro Atlanta is that although they all experience a flurry of transactions, properties still take a significant amount of time to sell. In some areas, new construction is to blame and in others, the price point caters to a specific segment. But overall, given how desirable these areas are, sellers should be able to transact much more quickly.

To learn how Knock guarantees a sale within six weeks or less or to find out how “hot” your neighborhood is, read up on our strategy.


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