The Beyers: Overcoming the Impossible Aspects of Selling and Buying a Home
February 23, 2018

Getting a house ready to sell requires a lot of resources: time, money, effort, and then some.

Just the thought of it felt overwhelming to Diana Beyer and her family.

After realizing they were outgrowing their house, the Beyer family went in search of a new home. They found the perfect one just down the street from where they lived.

There was just one problem: “When we found the new house and we wanted to sell our old home, we knew there had to be some repairs done,” Diana said. “But, we just didn’t have the energy nor the time to be able to prepare our house to get it sold.”

It all felt impossible, she said.

The couple discovered the Knock platform, which they found intriguing. “We could move into the new house that we wanted, and Knock would purchase it for us while we fixed up the old one,” Diana said. They felt pangs of excitement but wondered if it was too good to be true.

Overcoming the impossible

After meeting with Stephen Freudenberg, a Licensed Local Expert with Knock, the couple felt a bit more at ease. The Beyers told Stephen they had found the perfect house and wanted to take action. The Knock team took it from there.

“They fell in love with that house and called me after they saw it,” Stephen said. “We rushed in and got them pre-approved. As an added bonus, we were able to get them a discount on the house.”

Within one month, the family had a new home.

And the old property? Repairs were scheduled and the Beyers didn’t have to lift a finger or pay upfront for anything. “I didn’t have to go look for a contractor to do all the work,” Diana noted. “And the great thing about it all is that the repair costs were rolled into the loan.”

The house ended up selling before the Knock team even had the chance to put it on the market. “It sold for the exact amount they were hoping to get,” Stephen said.

Karma on their side

The couple was initially dreading the idea of moving. “They both work full-time, and didn’t have the time to deal with everything,” Stephen said.

But, this dreaded task turned into something completely painless, according to Diana. “The process of buying the house, the ease in which everything happened, and the speed in which it all happened was really unbelievable,” she explained.

For a growing family, this turned out to be the ideal situation. Stephen noted that Mr. Beyer would often remark to him throughout the process that with Knock, it felt like karma was completely on the family’s side.

Does selling your house feel impossible? Find your peace of mind by submitting your current home for a free market price estimate today.


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