5 of the Trendiest Neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta

May 31, 2017

Several weeks ago, we analyzed the hottest zip codes in Metro Atlanta, by the number of residential real-estate transactions that took place last year. We promised that we would get around to outlining the trendiest areas, based off other factors, e.g. food, arts and music. Today, Knock delivers.

Take a look at five trendy areas around Metro Atlanta that resonate with various segments of folks.


Decatur constantly comes up as a top contender for best foodie neighborhood in Metro Atlanta. With trendy eateries like Iberian Pig, Kimball House and Victory Sandwich Bar, this area is constantly lauded as a foodie paradise in Metro Atlanta.

Homeowners who are intending to sell their properties in Decatur have a lot of pull. Back in 2012, the median sale price in the town was only $80,728, and it took listed properties an average of 99 days to sell. In 2016, houses in the area went for a median of $172,500 and sold in nearly half the time – an average of 54 days.

Although property values more than doubled in the span of four years, houses in this area aren’t fully valued just yet. The median price for all houses sold throughout Metro Atlanta last year was $235,000. There’s still time before homes in Decatur catch up to the area’s median price. Homeowners in Decatur who are in no rush to sell might want to take a few years to enjoy living in an up-and-coming trendy area, and sell once property values meet their full potential.


castleberry hill art

The Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta sits southwest of Downtown Atlanta, and is well known as the “Historic Arts District.” Every second Friday of the month, art lovers are invited to walk throughout the neighborhood on a self-guided art stroll. There are tons of unique galleries, interesting shops and live music spots to peruse.

Within the last four years, property values in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood have absolutely skyrocketed. In 2012, it took sellers an average of 144 days to get their homes off the market, and they went for a median of $83,250. In 2016, Castleberry houses sold for a median of $219,000 and went in just 65 days.


We could have easily gone with Buckhead here, but Five Little Points has gained a lot of recognition for being one of the trendiest spots in Metro Atlanta. This neighborhood, which sits on Atlanta’s east side, is rife with unique restaurants and entertainment options. What really makes it stand out, however, are all of its quirky little shops. From bookstores to bike shops to a top-rated consignment shop, this is the place to go for die-hard shoppers.

Living in this trendy neighborhood comes at a major price, so if you’re a homeowner who’s thinking of selling, the ball is in your court. In 2016, the median price of houses sold in the neighborhood was $394,000. And here’s the crazy part: They sold in 38 days, on average. Although homes at that price usually take longer to sell, there’s such high demand for property in Five Little Points, that buyers are doing what it takes to get in.


Alpharetta’s got a little bit of everything, but for people who are into the live music scene, this is the place to be. From a huge venue like the Verizon Amphitheatre to an intimate club like The Velvet Note to a relaxed outdoor stage like Matilda’s Cottage, Alpharetta has something for every type of concertgoer.

Last year, Alpharetta sellers made a median of $323,000, and their properties sold within 51 days. It's an interesting comparison to what we're seeing in Little Five Points, where houses are worth more and are selling much faster. While Alpharetta sellers might not have as much leverage as those in Little Five Points, the area is still incredibly desirable.


Kennesaw is every hiker’s dream. The local government constantly touts its greenspaces and public walking trails. Oh, and then, there’s a little something called Kennesaw Mountain, which has tons of history.

Property values in Kennesaw haven’t seen as big of a jump as some of the other neighborhoods mentioned above, but sellers are still getting a solid return on their investments. In 2012, they made a median of $140,000 and their houses sold in an average of 95 days. In 2016, properties sold for a median of $215,000 and sold in 51 days – on average.

Atlanta's neighborhoods are on the up and up

Whether your neighborhood caters to foodies, outdoorsy types or live music lovers, there’s a good chance you are in a great position to market your house. As a whole, the entire area is gaining status as a trendy destination. To learn how Knock helps sellers get the best bang for their buck, read up on our strategy.


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