Is Your "Stuff" Holding You Back? Start Fresh Today...
August 10, 2017

*See end of post to register for a complimentary “Start Fresh” decluttering or organizing session with Order in the Closet, courtesy of Knock! 

“I just need to get my house in order, then I’ll be ready.”

Does this sound familiar?

At Knock our mission is to make selling your house simple and certain. You inquire, we come back with a guaranteed price, offer to manage repairs and your house sells *like that* (snaps fingers). Pretty easy!

However, actually packing up and moving on can be a bigger challenge than selling your house! Where to start?

Much of this anxiety has to do with the accumulation of “stuff” that seems to pile up over the years as we settle into a home. This weighs us down and can even make us feel trapped in a house that no longer “fits.”

Michele Rather, Order in the Closet

So, we are partnering with one of our favorite Atlanta professional organizers, Michele Rather from Order in the Closet, to get pro tips (and complimentary sessions!) to get started, move on and start fresh.

 Q: Michele, what do you think is the most common "organizational" mistake people make when they move houses?

A: Not taking the time to declutter and purge!

Taking the time to do this “moving must” yields short term and long term benefits:

  • Save time, energy (and money!) on both sides: less items that need to be packed up and moved means less items that need to be unpacked in your new home!
  • New Home = New You: Utilize the space in your new home more efficiently and purposefully. Start fresh.

Q: Ok, we’re in. Let’s declutter. Where do we even start!?

A: There's 4 simple steps ...

  •  Select a starting place and stick to it: Start with the room or area of your home that bothers you the most. And, don't start on a different area until you have completely finished!
  • Set aside time: Set 1 hour to 2 hour increments throughout the day or week so that you don't get overwhelmed. Stick to the schedule.
  • Boxes Ready: Label several bins or boxes with "Keep" ,"Donate" and "Consign" and have trash bags handy for items that can be tossed
    • Not used the item in the last 6 to 8 months? Time to part with it.
    • As you go through your items, place them in the appropriate bins.
    • Be mindful to organize "Keep" items together for easy sorting later.
    • As soon as possible, get rid of any "Donate" and "Consign" items. Take ‘em away!
  • Attitude Power: Maintain a positive attitude throughout the process and turn on your favorite music to keep you motivated. Remember that less is more! It’s going to feel so good to be free of all that stuff …

Michele, can you just come help us out!? Yes!

Michele was so thrilled to learn about the fresh service Knock offers homeowners in Atlanta, that we’re partnering with her to bring you complimentary home decluttering and organizing sessions in August and September. Simply sign a contract to work with Knock to sell your house (directly or 6-week listing option) and we’ll get you set up with a session ASAP!

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It’s more than just getting your house ready, it’s about feeling ready yourself. Are you ready to achieve your best life? Let Knock and Order in the Closet help you on your way …



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