Know Your Knockstars: Kristina Knox Warden
October 31, 2018


Her position: Customer Success Specialist

Her home: Atlanta, GA

Her favorite Atlanta neighborhood: Virginia-Highland

Her favorite style home: Contemporary / Craftsman Style

Her favorite home upgrade: Granite countertops

Her best real estate skill: Communication! Real estate is a 24/7 industry, so being available is a must

Her best Customer Service Skill: Honesty & complete transparency; no one likes a white liar!


What do you do at Knock?

I’m a Customer Success Specialist, or CSS (we like acronyms here at Knock!). I was the first hire on the team that helps our customers purchase a new home through the Knock Home Trade-in. No day is the same, but my main role as a CSS is to work alongside our Licensed Local Experts, aka Knock agents (or LLEs -- I told you about those acronyms!), to help our customers search for, tour and select their dream home. We provide support in helping them find the right homes based on both what’s hot on the market and what their target areas and budget are.

Why did you decide to join Knock?

I have always had a passion for real estate and customer service, so when I moved to Atlanta in 2014, I wanted to take that interest to the next level. I also wanted to be part of a startup culture that was trying to change the way people buy and sell homes. I was attracted to Knock because it really is the first true online home buying and selling platform that is revolutionizing the overall real estate industry!

What do you love most about working at Knock?

I love working with everyone at the company, and our powerful culture, which we call POPSICLE. It comes along with amazing benefits and unlimited vacation.

It’s also empowering to know the impact we’re making on the real estate industry. I learn something new each and every day and get to use great technology and tools.

More than anything, I love that everyone has the same goal: Putting the customers first and being transparent with them to deliver a better experience. Viewing our amazing Zillow reviews always brings a smile to my face because it assures me that all the families I helped search for their new home are happy and had a great experience working with us.

What do you find most challenging about working at Knock?

We’re doing something entirely different, and it can be hard to keep our clients up to speed on how our process works compared to the traditional way of doing real estate. We always try to take every client’s feedback into consideration. Consumers are used to the traditional way of working with one agent who meets them at properties on the daily. There’s definitely a learning curve, but once we explain the backbone of why we do things differently and the huge impact it has, it’s always worth it in the end.

Who was your most memorable customer?

By far a recent customer that was trying to find a new home before the birth of twins. I was in communication with the couple for months. Even though they were immediately onboard with the process, they had to see 12 properties before finding their new home. A lot of customers can become stressed in that situation, putting in multiple offers and not landing a home. But they gave great feedback and appreciated my quick response with their tour requests and overall assistance with their buying process along with their LLE. It was amazing to help the couple and their new additions to the family find and buy the home that they were dreaming of!

What’s your number one piece of advice for home buyers and sellers?

Set a goal in mind; keep a date when you and/or your family are looking to purchase a new home by. While on the hunt for a home, make a T chart to highlight your 5 must haves in your new home and be realistic about staying within your pre approval loan amount. Highlighting your 5 must haves will keep you in check with reality versus what you see on HGTV. Seeing over 30 homes within a month’s time may indicate that you might not have thought about what you and your family are really looking for. Brainstorm-Set a Goal- Regroup- Finalize!

What do you like to do in your personal time?

With no kids (yet), I really like to enjoy time with my friends, husband, and twin sister, who moved to Atlanta from Philadelphia a couple of years ago. From sporting events (Go Falcons!) to concerts, I try to book my weekends with all sorts of afternoon and evening fun. During the week, there is nothing more enjoyable than catching up on TV shows and finding new ones on Netflix and Hulu!

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