Know Your Knockstars: Beth Marceau
July 3, 2019


Knockstar Beth Marceau
  • Her position: Recruiter
  • Her hometown: Weare, NH
  • Her favorite Knock Market: Phoenix
  • Her favorite style home: Colonial
  • Her favorite home upgrade: Hardwood floors (Antique wide plank, to be exact!) 
  • Her best skill: Finding the most awesome Knockstars throughout the U.S. 


What is your role at Knock?

As a recruiter, I am always interacting with candidates and interviewing potential new hires over video chat. Through these conversations, my goal is to understand individuals’ past career experiences and skills. Learning more about them allows me to see how candidates can be a benefit to Knock, but also how our company can benefit them as an employee. When I’m not talking to people about career opportunities, I’m busy searching online to find new talent using various sourcing strategies. I recruit for all of our open positions all over the U.S.!

Why did you decide to join Knock?

As a recruiter that works in the field of Human Resources, I was very impressed with Knock’s core values; Knock’s belief in its POPSICLE culture and values really aligned with my personal beliefs and what I was looking for in a new company.

What do you love most about working at Knock?


Of course, I love the people I work with on a daily basis at Knock. But aside from the employees, I love the flexibility and trust we have in each other to work hard and get our jobs done. The flexibility to work remotely is a definite perk, and as I mentioned before, our POPSICLE company culture is something I really value. The way we balance the enjoyment of life and making impact is unique. I also love how we can communicate through the use of technology, like with our bi-weekly “All Hands” company video calls that bring everyone together. 

What do you find most challenging about working at Knock?

As I mentioned above, being able to work remotely is great, but it also comes with some challenges. I have never worked 100% remotely before, so there was definitely an initial learning curve. I’ve always used technology in my past roles, but at Knock, I am communicating with my peers completely through technology, whether on email, chat, or video. It was something I needed to adjust to when I first joined. But that same POPSICLE culture keeps us all connected to our mission, our culture and each other, and has helped me navigate the adjustment.

What was your most memorable recruit story?

Hiring for our sales team has been really memorable. I’ve met with so many great candidates that we ended up hiring, which was awesome. I found one employee through LinkedIn and actually reached out to her. When I was able to tell her she got the job, she was so excited and grateful to start. It was really awesome to see that she was so eager about the opportunity. 

What’s your number one piece of advice for home buyers and sellers? 

Based on my experience, I’d say to trust the process. Working with subject matter experts, like our real estate experts here at Knock, is a great step in the right direction. I’d say to listen to what your local experts have to say, consider their suggestions, and you’ll find success when buying and selling homes.

What do you like to do in your personal time?

Beth Marceau Family
Beth and her family

I have two dogs, black lab mixes named Bane and Leila, so we’re always playing with them. I also have a two-year old daughter, so we’re always keeping her busy. In our free time, we’re usually visiting family and friends, so we’re always on the go. We also spend time at home, and usually have a project; most recently, my husband built me my basement home office when I signed on with Knock! When it comes to my personal hobbies, I love to go to yard sales and find antiques.

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