Justin Kraft: Setting Up for Future Success with the Sale of a House

March 22, 2018

Justin Kraft, Courtesy of Knock

When Justin Kraft accepted a new job in Greater Atlanta several years ago, he also decided to buy a house in the area.

It made sense at the time. He was moving from another state and his mom was planning on going to Georgia with him. Justin wanted to make sure they had enough room, so he decided to buy a single family home for the two of them. But last year, when his mom decided to move back across the country, Justin found himself with too much space.

“The house was way too big for me,” he said of the four-bedroom property. “I realized I had to sell.”

Before he could list the house, Justin knew he had to invest in repairs. Fixing up the house was the only way to maximize offers from potential buyers. However, the idea of managing and paying for repairs felt daunting. “I didn’t want to have to look for contractors. I wanted this whole thing to be done without hassle,” he said.

In the fall of 2017, Justin stumbled across Knock while he was online. He finally felt he had found a solution.

Just before the holiday season, he connected with Licensed Local Expert Stacey Ro who walked him through the process. The Knock team would handle the repairs and get to listing the house while Justin focused on his next move.

“It was nice not having to think about any of the details,” he said.

Setting up for future success

The house sold quickly. Just weeks after first contacting the Knock team, Justin was free to start fresh.

Rather than buying another home, he moved into an apartment near his office, which has been a game changer. Justin’s commute has improved drastically and so has his day-to-day life. He no longer worries about the upkeep of a house.

Perhaps more notably – the sale of this house helped Justin achieve peace of mind in a financial sense. “I’ve been able to put some money away in savings, which is difficult for a lot of people to do. It’s something I’d been wanting to do for a long time.”

He feels like he’s set up his future for success. “When I’m ready to buy a house again in the future, I’ll be ready.”

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