Miller and Pierce: Closing on a Home with 74 Years of Family History
April 2, 2018

After their mother passed away in 2015, Larry Miller and Terry Pierce inherited their childhood home – and had no idea what to do with it.

They weren’t sure if they should spruce the home up and rent it out, or get the property ready to sell. Their mother had lived there for a staggering 74 years – making the decision that much more difficult and emotional.

For three years, the siblings did nothing with the property and debated what to do.

But, earlier this year, they decided it was time to act. “At that point, neither of us wanted to be landlords,” Terry said. “So, we prepared the house and decided to sell it.”

Larry, who had years of contracting experience, took the lead on updating the house. It paid off. Once he and his team wrapped up, the property looked modern and well maintained.

One family’s ending is another’s beginning

When they were ready to put the house on the market, Larry and Terry called the Knock team. They matched with Francine Bethune, a Licensed Local Expert who specializes in Greater Atlanta transactions.

Upon seeing the condition of the house, Francine knew it wouldn’t be on the market long. “The house was extremely well maintained,” she said. “As soon as it was listed, it went under contract very quickly – in under two days. They even got an offer higher than the list price.”

Even after the house went under contract, the love kept pouring in. People kept reaching out expressing their interest, Francine said.

But, the siblings have no regrets about accepting one of the first offers that came in.

They felt thrilled when they showed up at the closing and met the couple who bought their childhood home. “Larry and Terry were happy and excited that the house went to someone who loved it. They knew the couple was going to take care of the home,” Francine said.

The process was everything they could have asked for, Terry said. “I liked the concept of not having to go to a realtor, and not having 10,000 people walking through your house. I like the concept of how Knock operated.”

She was looking for a simple process and that’s exactly what this home sale turned out to be. For these two siblings, selling their childhood home wasn’t the challenging, drawn-out process they were expecting. It was smooth, swift and pleasant.

“I would recommend Knock to anyone. We had a very good experience,” Terry said.

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