The School of House Knocks: Let’s Hear it For These Unique Bathrooms
August 31, 2017

A good bathroom can be life-changing.

Seriously. Bathrooms are where our deepest, most poignant thoughts occur. It’s where we go when we seek comfort and relaxation.

So, just imagine having a bathroom in your home that’s not-so-average and that adds a certain je ne sais quoi. It will make your life just that much better.

At Knock, we meet tons of buyers who are looking for a home with one-of-a-kind bathrooms. Believe it or not, these little touches can sometimes make or break a sale.

As part of our “School of House Knocks” series, we are taking you inside the minds of some houses with very unique features in their bathrooms. Check it out.

They say eyes are the windows to your soul … is that the case with bathrooms, too?

window bathrooms

If these walls could talk: “The window in my master bathroom is everything. The stained glass gives off relaxing vibes, which couldn’t be more perfect as it overlooks the jacuzzi tub. Glass of bubbly + bathtime bubbles, anyone?”

Don’t call it a comeback (but wallpaper is totally having a moment right now)!

fancy bathrooms

If these walls could talk: “Wallpaper is all the rage again, and I am basking in joy. In the case of my master bathroom, this print is upping the fancy factor. I needed a little something to complement the gold finishes, and this is the perfect fit. Don’t you wish your bathroom was fancy like mine?”

Let’s get … historical, historical!

historic bathrooms

If these walls could talk: “Hear ye! Hear ye! This superb bathroom of mine brings about historic feels. I would not have it any other way. It’s the perfect place to muse over Plato, Socrates or maybe even Beyoncé (should that be your preference).”

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

If these walls could talk: “The mirror in my half bath is truly the fairest of them all. This is a mosaic of sheer beauty that would brighten anyone’s face after looking into it.”

Modern vibes for modern times.

If these walls could talk: “I’m all about the minimalist movement. That’s why my bathroom is as modern, clean and to-the-point as possible. It does what it has to do, and looks fabulous in the process.”

What would your house say about your bathrooms?

Do you have a unique bathroom in your house? It might just be what a buyer out there is looking for. Need help making it shine? That’s where the Knock team comes into play. Learn more about what Knock can do to help you get top dollar for your house today.

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