The School of House Knocks: ‘Maroon is Not For Everyone’
August 28, 2017

Oh, if these walls could talk …

Guess what? They can, and I am speaking out.

“This carpet (and paint) has taken its toll on me.”

Yes, I’m quoting Maroon 5. Why? Because I am a major Adam Levine fan, but my dining room was harmonizing just a little too much with his band.

See what I mean? These walls and carpet were just so … maroon.

Don’t get me wrong. My previous inhabitants had a great time here. This is where they perfected their moves like Jagger. It made me so happy that this was their favorite place to wine, dine, dance and have the time of their lives. So, when they announced it was time for them to move on, I felt a sense of misery wash over me.

I would certainly miss the folks who lived here for years, but I was incredibly nervous about how I’d get a new family to fall in love with me. I am quite aware that maroon is not for everyone.

As my inhabitants were getting ready to sell, Knock came in and flagged the maroon dining room. This team knew that in order to sell me quickly and for maximum price, the carpets and walls were going to have to undergo a transformation.

Knock paid upfront for the new carpet and paint (because that’s what they do), and they’ll settle with my sellers at closing. They got to work on everything, and I ended up with a stellar make-under.

They toned down the dining room carpet and walls to something more neutral, and guess what? It worked!

My previous owners listed me for sale with Knock, and I went under contract in just six days. SIX DAYS. It took a new family less than one week to fall in love with me, and I couldn’t be happier.


She will be loved!

Let’s make magic!

Want to see the type of magic Knock can work on your house to help it sell for top dollar? Let’s get started.

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