The Summers: Outgrowing a Starter Home and Finding Comfort Somewhere New
February 8, 2018

What do you do when you’ve outgrown your house, but you have zero time to list it and find a new home?

That’s the dilemma Abra Summers was facing late last year. Between parenting two small children and working full time as a high school language arts teacher, her hands were full.

“We have two little kids, and we really wanted a cul-de-sac and a basement so our kids could grow up and really have the space to stretch out and play,” Abra said. “But, selling the house was a pipe dream.”

Abra and her husband purchased the home when they were newly married without children. As the couple began growing their family, they realized the house was not suitable at all. While they previously enjoyed spending time on the balcony, it became a nightmare once they had children who could potentially hurt themselves out there. And the busy street that once appealed to them became a nuisance. Abra would often find herself waving at drivers to slow down while her children played outside.

An unexpected connection gives way to new beginnings

Abra discovered while browsing Facebook and thought it was too good to be true.

That sentiment changed as soon as she connected with a Licensed Local Expert (LLE) at Knock. “When I talked to an agent who was local to my area and already knew it, I realized these are real people that I’m dealing with and that they want the same things I do,” Abra said.

She ended up working with Stacey Ro, an LLE who quickly discovered she and Abra had an interesting connection. “When I saw her name, I felt that I knew her from somewhere,” Stacy said. “We spoke on the phone, and I realized Abra is my daughter’s high school language arts teacher. She taught my son a few years ago, too. We had known each other in passing, but never really had a conversation. It was amazing.”

Abra and Stacey formed a great relationship that would ultimately prove valuable for both of them.

“We talked about my daughter’s work and ways she could improve in that subject. It’s been really helpful,” said Stacey.

That newfound connection turned out to be mutually beneficial.

Finding comfort in a new home

The Summers family began the selling and buying process in December – just as Abra was getting ready to go on winter break. Despite it being the holiday season, this was perfect timing.

“Without Knock, this process would be chaos,” Abra said. “There’s no way I could manage doing this and working full time. I would have to coordinate repair people. I'd have to pack up my house for showings. I'd have to get the animals out of the house.”

Everything moved smoothly. Knock paid upfront for Abra’s new house and the family moved on December 27. Her old house was listed on the market in early January and went under contract less than two weeks later on January 16.

It was that simple.

The family is incredibly happy in their new home, Stacey said. “The kids can go outside and play, and the parents aren’t worried about through traffic.”

And Abra finally got some peace of mind.

“With Knock, all I had to do was pack up my house and move,” Abra said. “To be able to be comfortable in my new home while I wait for the old one to sell … and not have to stress about the little things, really made everything worthwhile for us.”

Have you, like Abra, outgrown your home? You too can find comfort somewhere new by submitting your current home for a free price offer.


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