Justin Kraft: Setting Up for Future Success with the Sale of a House

Justin Kraft, Courtesy of Knock

When Justin Kraft accepted a new job in Greater Atlanta several years ago, he also decided to buy a house in the area.

It made sense at the time. (more…)

Blalock Family: Downsizing Doesn’t Have to Be a Daunting Process

After Michael and Racheal Blalock found themselves with an empty nest, they began thinking about downsizing to a smaller home.

There were excited to start fresh somewhere new, but the idea of selling their house felt daunting. “We didn’t want to get caught up in the fray of showing the home and all the things that come along with trying to sell,” said Michael.

So when Michael stumbled upon Knock on his Facebook feed, he and Racheal decided to jump on the opportunity.

The couple met with Stephen Freudenberg, Licensed Local Expert at Knock, and decided that listing would be their best option. That meant getting the house in tip-top shape to maximize offers.

“The house needed some cosmetic repairs and a new roof, so Knock paid upfront to get it done,” Stephen explained.

Within two weeks, the repairs were done and the offers began to roll in. “We had nine offers right away,” Michael said.

When downsizing, timing is everything

While things progressed with the sale of their property, the Blalocks searched for a new place to call home.

They soon found a newly-constructed property that perfectly matched their needs. But, there was just one caveat: The couple was relying on the proceeds from the old house in order to purchase the new home, so the timing had to be just right.

Thankfully, they were in a good position to negotiate. “Because they had a lot of offers, they had a lot of leverage,” Stephen said. “They closed on the first house, had three days of temporary occupancy and then they moved into their new home.”

The Blalocks were thrilled with the way the transaction worked out – especially because their old home sold for more than market value. “It was just a win-win. It worked out perfectly.” Michael shared.

Forming a great relationship

Throughout the process, the Blalocks maintained a close relationship with Stephen and the rest of the Knock team.

It was important to Michael and Racheal that their team was paying attention to their wants and needs, and didn’t see them as just another sale. “[Working with Knock] didn’t feel cold like it would with a big corporation. It actually felt like they cared.”

And the Knock team truly did. Just days before closing, Stephen and his wife were on their way to Thailand for a leisure trip. Despite being time zones away, he kept the ball rolling for the Blalock family. “I was on a layover in Istanbul and on the phone with the buyer agent to make sure everything was running smoothly,” Stephen said.

The family appreciated the effort. “We consider [the Knock team] a part of our family because they were just that close to us and had our best interests at heart,” Michael said.

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