How Overpricing a House Costs Time, Money and Peace of Mind

We’ve discussed overpricing on this blog several times and how it actually does more harm than good. Many home sellers hold onto the notion that the best approach is to price high originally and then negotiate the number down to their ideal sales price. (more…)

Market Profile: Kennesaw, Ga. Embraces Its Southern Roots

Kennesaw, Georgia is a small city that’s rich in history. The town, which sits in north Cobb County, is made up of less than 35,000 residents. (more…)

Market Profile: Sandy Springs, Ga. Lives Up to Its Brand

sandy springs ga

Sandy Springs, identifiable by the “King and Queen” Concourse Corporate towers that light up its skyline, is the sixth largest municipality in Georgia. Located directly north of the state capital, the city is branded as “Everything you love about Greater Atlanta.” (more…)