Miller and Pierce: Closing on a Home with 74 Years of Family History

After their mother passed away in 2015, Larry Miller and Terry Pierce inherited their childhood home – and had no idea what to do with it. (more…)

Gay Family: Finding Relief From Paying Two Mortgages at Once

Last year, Kathleen Gay found herself in a situation no homeowner wants to endure: She was carrying two mortgages at the same time. (more…)

The Beyers: Overcoming the Impossible Aspects of Selling and Buying a Home

Getting a house ready to sell requires a lot of resources: time, money, effort, and then some.

Just the thought of it felt overwhelming to Diana Beyer and her family. (more…)

From Hot-Mess Stress to Hottest Home in the Zone

Stress: (n.) a state of emotional strain resulting from adverse circumstances.

Life is stressful enough without adding the chaos of selling a house to the mix. (more…)

The School of House Knocks: Let’s Hear it For These Unique Bathrooms

A good bathroom can be life-changing.

Seriously. Bathrooms are where our deepest, most poignant thoughts occur. It’s where we go when we seek comfort and relaxation. (more…)

Fixin’ to Sell? 3 Tips to Get Your House in Order

Selling a house is always easier when the property is in good shape, but let’s be honest: Prepping and making repairs prior to your house hitting the market can be a major headache. (more…)

How Architecture Influences Your Home's Selling Price

Craftsman. Ranch. Bungalow.

When it comes to buying a house, people tend to know exactly what style of architecture they want.

But, what do those preferences mean for sellers? Does owning a Split-level home give you the upper hand when negotiating, or would buyers rather pay top-dollar for a Craftsman? (more…)

Don't Let These Issues Keep You From Selling Your Home

home selling

Ah, 2016 – a year so chaotic that even the Pantone Color Institute is trying to bring some zen back into our lives.

If you experienced a life change this year—say, in family size, financial situation or career—there might be more transition in the cards for you in 2017. (more…)