Miller and Pierce: Closing on a Home with 74 Years of Family History

After their mother passed away in 2015, Larry Miller and Terry Pierce inherited their childhood home – and had no idea what to do with it. (more…)

Justin Kraft: Setting Up for Future Success with the Sale of a House

Justin Kraft, Courtesy of Knock

When Justin Kraft accepted a new job in Greater Atlanta several years ago, he also decided to buy a house in the area.

It made sense at the time. (more…)

3 Regrets Homeowners Should Not Carry Into 2018

As we prepare to welcome 2018, we reflect on the highs and lows that occurred this year.

What were your triumphs? Any regrets?

More than half of homeowners are feeling remorseful this year. In a Trulia survey, 51% reported they have regrets about their current home.

Their top three sorrows? (more…)

The School of House Knocks: Let’s Hear it For These Unique Bathrooms

A good bathroom can be life-changing.

Seriously. Bathrooms are where our deepest, most poignant thoughts occur. It’s where we go when we seek comfort and relaxation. (more…)

Thinking of Breaking Up (With Your House)? 4 Reasons to Let Go

Owning a house is a lot like dating your high school sweetheart. Every so often, it’s forever. More often than not, you grow apart and you realize it’s time to call it quits. (more…)