Miller and Pierce: Closing on a Home with 74 Years of Family History

After their mother passed away in 2015, Larry Miller and Terry Pierce inherited their childhood home – and had no idea what to do with it. (more…)

These are the 7 Hottest Zip Codes in Metro Atlanta

Last week, we took a look at how Atlanta compares to other major cities in the U.S. And now, we return to our regularly scheduled programming, focusing on trends within Metro Atlanta.

Our team used internal data to gather the hottest zip codes in Metro Atlanta, and then used third-party resources to analyze why these neighborhoods are in such high demand. (more…)

Buy or Sell? The Best Areas to Transact in Metro Atlanta

If you’ve been following real estate trends in Metro Atlanta, you know we're in a seller’s market.

As a whole, demand is up and so is pricing – two factors that give home sellers the upper hand in transactions.

But is that the case throughout Metro Atlanta? (more…)