When you become a Knock Certified Agent

September 3, 2020

When you become a Knock Certified Agent, you unlock the ability to offer your clients the option to buy their dream home before selling their old house.

“It’s the transaction revolution.” Dive into the Knock Home Swap and the client experience with Brad Inman of Inman News; Sean Black, CEO of Knock; Realtor Gigi Olivo of JP & Associates in Dallas, TX; and Vanessa Sutton, a client of Gigi’s.

Exclusive advantages for agents:

  • No fees for agents: You won’t sacrifice commissions or pay program fees to help clients.
  • More closings: Your clients buy before they sell, which means you close more deals.
  • Win more listings: Win more clients with access to a program your competitors don’t have.

Exclusive advantages for clients:

  • Convenience: Clients can buy and move into their new home without having to sell their old one first or at the same time.
  • Certainty: Clients can make competitive, non-contingent offers on their dream home with a fully-approved mortgage.
  • Cost Savings: Clients don’t need to move twice, they get up to $25,000 for repairs on their old house, and pay only one mortgage.

Learn more about how it works, what agents are saying, and how you can become a Knock Certified Agent here.


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Since 2015, Knock has been on a mission to make homeownership simple and certain. We’re creating a world where the pains of traditional home buying and selling are a thing of the past.
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